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Display IP before login

by drphrozen on March 4th, 2012

I wanted to be able to display IP address before user login on my virtual Ubuntu Server. My use case is that i use VirtualBox to host a LAMP (using Ubuntu Server 12.04 beta 1), and i wan’t to distribute this easily with my colleagues/friends. To ease connection i wanted to display the IP of the virtual machine before login, this info is shown after login, but i just find it a bit annoying, that i have to login just to find the IP of the server. That’s why i created the following Upstart script and placed it in /etc/init/loginscreen.conf:

start on stopped networking RESULT=ok


exec /usr/bin/landscape-sysinfo >> /etc/issue

The following output is displayed when the VM has started:

  System load: 0.0 Processes: 70
  Usage of /: 7.7% of 17.68GB Users logged in: 1
  Memory usage: 4% IP address for eth0:
  Swap usage: 0% IP address for eth1:


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