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Fixing TabOne2

by drphrozen on May 14th, 2012

Today i played a little with a TabOne2, an Android tablet from Jecopix (now bankrupt). The tablet was released with a lot of bugs and before the company could release a patch they went bankrupt.

Some of the bugs prevents the usage of what i would call “essential” features, such as Google Calendar sync and Facebook.

I started my quest by identifying the SoC it is based upon, and “luckily” it wasn’t that hard: Allwinner A10. This is a very popular SoC in China and there are several sites and forums discussing all the different tablets based on this SoC. The Google Calendar was somewhat easy to fix since all i did was install the GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk from The Facebook fix was a bit harder to locate, i had an idea that this was due to the the lack of a GPS in the tablet. After several different attempts i found a solution here It didn’t work after i restarted so i tried resetting both Google Play Store and Google Services Framework and then it worked after another restart.

There are still some issues, most of them performance/battery related, but those are not fixable as such, unless the kernel is rebuild and replaced. This could probably be done if someone wan’ts to risk testing the following solution with their tablet:

Also, next up i think i wan’t to try replacing the entire gapps collection using the package from cyanogenmod.

Update: updating gapps seemed to solve almost all existing problems.. The system is still slow, and some minor errors exists, but the system is now much more complete.

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  1. Robert permalink

    Hi i have formatet my tabone2 and can`t find the android img. that fit can you tell me what the ver. is in your setting`s

    your Robert

  2. I’m afraid not, I don’t have it anymore. :-\

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